A Moment With Luxury Slovenia

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Our Slovenia based team member Irina Vincic joined our partners Matej and Mattej of Luxury Slovenia in their office this month to get their perspective on who they are, and why Slovenia is growing in popularity. We work closely with them to plan and book our clients to this destination and love what they do. 

So let's get started! 

What is Luxury Slovenia, and what makes it unique in the travel world?

Luxury Slovenia is a leading travel agency, specialized for boutique and luxury travelers, who are traveling to Slovenia. A member of Virtuoso network.

We would love to know more about your team, and what makes you special. What is it that makes your team a great advocate for growth of the destination’s popularity?

We are working in the tourism industry with passion. Our career is our lifestyle, it is a crucial part of us, our work is what we are, and because of that, our agency is suitable for certain types of guests. Slovenia is very suitable for well-travelled guests, the ones that are searching for something different, something new. We have a wide range of different experiences, so every guest can find something that goes hand in hand with his/her needs and wishes.

Which experiences are becoming more popular in the country?

Slovenia is called an “uprising country” as it offers a range of experiences, by which it is famous for: gastronomy, wine and adventure or active tourism in variety of landscapes in Slovenia.


What should travellers who are going to Slovenia know about the country’s offering’s?

It is very important that guests from the United States of America know that we are a good hour drive from Venice Airport. The other thing that is very important is that Slovenia is the whole of Europe wrapped in one, because we have the Alpine mountains, the Mediterranean, castles, wine regions and, of course, the lively and picturesque capital, Ljubljana.


When it comes to dining experience, what can we expect in Slovenia? Are there any notable Chefs in the country?

Slovenian cuisine is very suitable for guests who are either interested in fine dining, and the ones who favour from farm to table concept - a local homemade, homegrown experience. Fine dining is mostly represented in Ljubljana, but it can also be found in the countryside and Slovenian Riviera, to a certain degree.

Chef Ana Roš from Hiša Franko is The best female chef in the world in 2017 and Netflix Chef’s Table Guest star Chef. Other distinguished chefs are Chef Janez Bratovž, Chef Igor Jagodic and Chef Bine Volčič.

Which hotels would you consider to be must-stays in the country?

Our guests are staying at luxurious hotels in Slovenia, such as Kempinski Palace Portoroz, InterContinental Ljubljana and the Relais Chateaux property Castle Otočec – all 5-star hotels. You can always choose among boutique properties in Slovenia: Cubo Hotel Ljubljana, Hotel Gredič in Brda Wine Region, etc.

Is this a family destination? If yes, what makes it so?

Yes. Family vacation in Slovenia can be very enjoyable because this country offers plenty of different activities, to fill your entire holiday. It is a stress-free holiday for parents and children, because there is no need for packing and unpacking your luggage so often. There is a lot of active tourism, a lot of sporting activities, which is great for family vacations. You feel very safe in capital Ljubljana.

Is it easy to get to Slovenia?

Guests are often saying: “Tt’s so easy to come to Slovenia!”. The easiest and probably most convenient way to arrive to Slovenia or Ljubljana is by plane which lands at our national airport called Ljubljana Jože Pučnik International Airport (LJU). This airport has great connections to and from other European airports, mostly Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich, Paris, Amsterdam, Vienna, or you can choose airports that are very near Slovenia, such as Zagreb or Venice airport. 


Is this a good destination for pre-cruise or post-cruise customers?

Yes, very much recommended for pre or post trip for cruises from/to Venice and Budapest.

How long would you recommend someone visits the country?

8 nights, 9 days is a perfect time to stay in Slovenia.

Irina Vincic - Operations & PR

Travel Hub 365

Based in Ljubljana, Slovenia

This has been fantastic. Thank you for telling us more about your country, and your services. We appreciate your partnership, and thank you for taking care of our customers traveling to your wonderful destination. 

Learn more about Luxury Slovenia at http://www.luxuryslovenia.eu/ and contact our Travel Advisors today to get started on planning your next trip to this beautiful destination with the help of Luxury Slovenia.