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Channing Bond

Channing is currently the team leader for a Children's Program that serves blind and visually impaired kids in Central Florida. She attended the Florida State University for degrees within Visual Disabilities Education and Orientation & Mobility (cane travel). Channing completed 4 years with a public school district serving blind students at their respective schools. She now works with the non-profit to serve students ages 6-13 in after-school and weekend programming.

Travel-wise, Channing has planned every trip for her family and friends since she can remember. She has great passion in site planning, connecting resources, and coordinating times before the actual travel event occurs. She grew up a Military Brat and has visited many areas within the United States over the course of her life. Channing's booking experience started as an online agent working with a host company for a little over a year. Mostly, she served clients through family and friend connections, and mostly word-of-mouth. She is dedicated to her individual clients and believes that sewing quality work allows one to reap satisfying rewards. 

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