From the harvest to your plate: A vivid Mayan cooking masterclass

Mayan Community, Adventure, Local Gastronomy, Culture

‘Going local’ couldn’t get any more real than learning & experimenting with pre hispanic flavours at an authentic Mayan community. Acquire on-camp ancient harvesting knowledge & collect from the orchard 100% organic seasonal fresh veggies, fruits & herbs to cook a genuine Mayan meal side by side with our friend Enrique & his family. Ever made corn tortillas from scratch or prepared ‘Ha' Sikil P'ak’ (pumpkin seed sauce)?

Enrique’s family is deeply rooted to their Mayan heritage, you’ll realize the strength & love of a truly united community, who preserve their traditions on their everyday lives. Tulum fisherman’s early morning sea-booty hunt. Go inside local markets and select your ingredients on small-independent organic stores and be ready to have a proper smoked fish at our local host’s kitchen.

A visit to a wild monkey sanctuary, a small Mayan shamanic cleansing, cenotes & other activities are also included in this cultural/gastronomic adventure.


Day 1

Meeting with Enrique and his family on their house is the first step to this culinary journey.

Walk into Enrique’s orchard and get familiar with this peculiar ancestral crop and what it produces, get the story on each ingredient and imagine the meaning for the Mayan, live today throughout Enrique’s work. Head to cook and prepare your lunch under a huge shaded Chicozapote tree on a rural cooking set up, get the fire going and smell the smoke coming out of chechén firewood, in between zips of wine, stories and laughs.

Day 2

In Tulum, let’s seek out our fresh catch picking it up from today’s sea blessings and learn from the man who everyday sail these waters to bring us the best there’s to fish.

Cool the treasure while we head for locally produced veggies, herbs and condiments at the organic shop before rendez vous at Mur Mur with chef Hiram, who’ll lead the way to prepare a whole stuffed fish, showing us the basic mezcal, tequila and sotol cocktails. Again, the efforts of these day pays up at the table, where we’ll mingle, taste, drink and share this incredible experience.


What type of experience is this?

A culinary discover, moderate adventure, cultural exchange, learning traditions and heritage.

Can I book the experience only?

Yes. If you wish to live the “Harvest to your plate” experience you need 2 full days on your travel itinerary. However, if you have booked the entire trip with us, you don’t need to worry for anything, we’ll set it up for you.

When it is best to book it?

All year round. Ingredients are harvested from the orchard, with rotating crop production giving us the opportunity to cook different depending on the season. Fishing is also a day by day trick, so we adjust to whatever is available that day.

Where does it takes place?

Tulum downtown and Tres Reyes, a Nuevo Durango community, 30 miles north of Tulum.

What's Included?


Private round transportation

Private culinary host from Méxcico Tropical

Ingredients for cooking

Cocktails and wine selection during the experience

Soft drinks

Apron and note book

Availability & duration

Daily, 1 week notice for bookings, subject to be modified by weather conditions. Two full days are needed.

Guests requirements / age, physical limitations, health conditions

Age 11+, they would be taken as an adult for pricing policy. Aged 10 or under are strongly not recommended.


There are vegetarian/vegan options available for this cooking experience.

Price per person in US dollars

May not be suitable for people suffering food allergies






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