Cruising in Style: How MSC Takes the Cruising Experience to the Next Level

Cruising in Style: How MSC Takes the Cruising Experience to the Next Level

Blog Post by Christina Reynolds

Although MSC Cruises is a part of the Mediterranean Shipping Company, their destinations are far from secluded to just this section of the world. With 12 ships currently and 2 more on the way just this year, the cruise line covers its fair share of Europe, extending down into the Caribbean and South America, and even reaching the most exotic of areas such as South Africa and Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sir Bani Yas. As a European Immersive experience, MSC offers much more to look forward to than just the destination ahead. 

Regardless of what ocean you are crossing, the authenticity of the Mediterranean is prevalent amongst all MSC ships. Every dining option available onboard is made from the freshest ingredients, giving your taste buds a mix of Italian, Mediterranean and International flavors. Enjoy Italian dishes inspired by two-starred Michelin chef Carlo Cracco, or try the house-made Venchi gelato, made from scratch daily using no artificial colors or ingredients. Indulge in a variety of wines from around the world, and even sign up for a Wine Blending course, allowing you to create your own bottle. 

 Adults aren’t the only ones who can enjoy culinary activities! As a part of the unique Kids Club, kids can become certified mini-chefs by taking part in the celebrity cooking class, making all sorts of homemade pasta dishes from scratch. In keeping with the design of the International experience, the Kids Club looks to immerse children within new cultures, allowing for them to truly understand their newest surroundings. From a partnership with UNICEF to the availability of special language courses, the opportunities are endless. Looking for something a little more light-hearted? MSC has also partnered with LEGO®, offering a wide selection of blocks products to spend the time playing with. Even better, the family can enjoy LEGO® Experience on Board, a full day’s worth of Lego activities!  

MSC hosts a wide variety of activities for visitors of all ages to enjoy – now all you need to do is book to begin your experience! Travel Hub 365 with First in Service Travel is an exclusive booking partner with MSC Cruises at the 2017 New York Times Travel Show in New York City, offering the best deals for whatever vacation you’re looking for, and deposits as low as $49 per person.

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