So You Bought a Ticket to Cuba – Now What?

Perfectly rolled cigars, fresh mint muddled mojitos, and the chance to finally experience an untouched country like never before. Now that relations with Cuba have allowed for Americans to freely travel here, the country is booming with a newfound sensation: tourism. Many commercial airlines have been jetting off to this country, offering direct flights from all over the country. Cruise lines have gotten on board with this trend as well, providing many coveted packages to travel the 90 miles from Miami Beach. It seems as though every day the regulations for visiting become leaner, but with such ambiguity behind the constant changes, what do you really need to know before touching down in Havana?

On many levels, Cuba is not your average tourist destination. For starters, the likelihood of getting past customs by stating that you are visiting simply for “vacation” is slim to none. Although the majority of Americans are flooding through the open doors to visit for this sole purpose, the way to skew it is a little unorthodox. There are various categories that authorized travel to Cuba falls under, all broad enough to easily make yourself fit into. One of the most popular amongst tourists today is “People to People exchanges”. Within this, the intent is not to travel with the purpose of simply visiting the place, but to be fully immersed with the culture and the people of the country, exchanging information about the lifestyles in Cuba and the United States. And for any new travel, who doesn’t want to experience that? Regardless of the reason you’re going, you’ll still need a visa. But have no fear - $50 and a few minutes at the Visa desk, and you’re good to go!

Although hotels are usually the traditional method of stay, there are many options to explore when visiting Cuba. Airbnb has become incredibly popular amongst travelers, or if you’re looking for an even homier experience, staying in “casas particulares”. Similar to a bed and breakfast, one can participate in a homestay in someone’s home, renting out a double room for an affordable option. While many casas particulares don’t have websites to book in advance, the availability is flourishing, ensuring tourists that this option is always on the table. Make sure to have plenty of cash amongst arrival, as most U.S credit cards are still not functioning here.

Whether it’s through a commercial airline or a cruise ship, travel to Cuba is the newest adventure to cross off the bucket list. Go now and get lost in time before the country becomes too commercialized, and don’t forget to bring back a few souvenirs for jealous friends at home, as up to $100 of Cuban cigars are now approved to be traveling back to the States with you!

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