Windstar Cruises



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• Unfailingly attentive service with a guest to crew ratio of 1.5:1 that delights

in bringing you just the right thing at just the right time

• An intimate and welcoming ambiance makes it easy to connect with your

fellow travelers and crew

• Learning how to sail with the Captain or officers on our Open Bridge while

sipping coffee

• Taste the essence of local culture with the Official Cruise Line of the

James Beard Foundation

• Cooking demonstrations powered by the James Beard Foundation and

recipes developed by James Beard Foundation chefs

• Market tours with the Chef to select seasonal local ingredients for

upcoming meals**

• Leave the crowds and clichés behind on small, elegant ships that carry less

than 310 travelers

• Curated itineraries designed to maximize time in iconic ports and take you

to hidden harbors only ships like ours can visit

• The best Watersports Platform right off the back of the ship, including all

watersports equipment featuring complimentary kayaks, paddleboards,

water trampoline, and more

• Our personalized and immersive approach brings you closer to each

destination and every port

• Lecturers to enhance and deepen your understanding of the destination**

• Local performances on board**

• Beyond Ordinary shore excursions that are once-in-a-lifetime experiences

Windstar Cruises Dance Entertainment


All meals, in all venues, including 24-hour complimentary in-room dining

• All non-alcoholic beverages, including specialty tea and coffee creations

• Windstar’s Signature Onboard Barbecue and the beloved crew show*

• Ocean views from all beautifully appointed staterooms or suites

• Generous public venues that are spacious and never crowded

• Champagne welcome reception

• Signature Sail Away event

*Dependent on port and weather conditions.

**In most regions.